Tuesday, November 21, 2017
the truth about 6 pack abs

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Secret Sound for Subway




1015 The Hawk and Subway present The Secret Sound.

We play a quick clip of a sound - you identify it and win! It's that easy, or is it?

If you have a keen ear, you'll win 2 free 6 inch subs courtesy of Subway! And the prize increases everyday until the sound is solved!

The Secret Sound for Subway restaurants in Port Hawkesbury, Auld's Cove and Antigonish. Things aren't always as simple as they sound!

Listen for your chance to play, weekdays at 11:40 on 1015 The Hawk. 


Current Sound: https://soundcloud.com/1015thehawk/subway-secret-sound



change machine 

getting icecubes from the fridge

nail gun

a skate sharpening machine

sharpening a knife

sharpening a knife

starting a car

pressure cooker

old fashioned doorbell

drinking from a straw

a manual can opener

pencil sharpener

letting air out of a balloon

garbage disposal

opening a popcan

a binder opening or closing 

a turtle

a handpump

scraping a windshield


a copying machine

a spoon scraping a metal bowl

making a key 


stopping on skates

candy vending machine 

closing a jar

emptying the trash on a computer

washing machine 


lid on a boiling pot

electric calculator

a saw

a starter

ripping cardboard boxes

blowing up a balloon

paper cutter

flipping paper

jumping on a trampoline

ice cream scoop

screwing in a screw with a drill

paper cutter

knife sharpener

a file 

a spinning top toy

a zipper

opening a can 

coffee percolator

tearing the foil off a can of Pringles

ripping tape

running a finger along a comb

scraping a plate

a salad spinner

egg beater hitting a bowl

hitting mixing bowls together

sharpening a knife

pulling up a blind 

sipping coffee

scraping ice off a car window

hole punch

turning the channel on a tube tv

a vegetable peeler

sharpening a knife 

an old fashioned bike horn 

can opener


scraping motar on a brick 

scraping a BBQ


a MagicBullet

skate sharpener


a twirling party favor

putting money in a parking meter

a kettle whistling 

tape gun

pulling a straw out of a cup

a shovel

laminate floor cutter

a high hat on a drum set

turning a dial on the washer

putting money in a gumball machine

pepper mill 


electric mixer


paper cutter

money counter

knife sharpener

pull cord on a power saw

train tracks

mailbox slot

knife sharpener


scraping out a pumpkin

tape measurer retracting

impact gun

squeezing the last bit of something out of a bottle (like ketchup)

whip cream in a can 

knife sharpener

holding something up to a fan when it's on 

skate sharpener

removing a pan from an oven

jumping on a Pogo Stick

flushing a toilet 

pulling a shower curtain open or closed 

a mud hawk for doing drywall

scraping snow

sharpening a knife

Pez dispenser

fast-forwarding a tape

scraping ice off a windsheild

a starter on a push mower 

opening a can 

mixing beaters in a bowl

a shovel

using the last of ketchup in a squeeze bottle

putting forks in a drawer

flour sifter

scraping ice off a window

putting a cover on a jar

a tile cutter

sharpening a knife

starting  a motor

dropping money in a piggy bank

christmas lights

sifting flour

a can opener

something hitting the spokes on a bike

a taser

a snowplow

Battle Toads

putting money in a piggy bank 

poker chips

closing a Mason jar

a cheque maker

torquing tires

removing the top from a Mason Jar

washing dishes

putting jewellery in a box

a spoon scraping a steel bowl

a blender

sharpening a knife

starting a chainsaw

flushing a toilet

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