Tuesday, January 16, 2018
the truth about 6 pack abs

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Secret Sound for Subway




1015 The Hawk and Subway present The Secret Sound.

We play a quick clip of a sound - you identify it and win! It's that easy, or is it?

If you have a keen ear, you'll win 2 free 6 inch subs courtesy of Subway! And the prize increases everyday until the sound is solved!

The Secret Sound for Subway restaurants in Port Hawkesbury, Auld's Cove and Antigonish. Things aren't always as simple as they sound!

Listen for your chance to play, weekdays at 11:40 on 1015 The Hawk. 


Current Sound: https://soundcloud.com/1015thehawk/subway-secret-sound-for-sc-jan-8



slurping through a straw 

staple gun

garbage compactor

slot machine 


door slamming

screen door closing 

closing a garage door

a crank

closing a washer or dryer

pushing in a dishwasher drawer

air hockey table

a lock 

hitting a puck with a hockey stick

air hockey table


air compressor

a vault

mouse trap

a slap chop

a slap shot

a garbage can opening or closing 

can of pop dropping in a vending machine

screen door closing

a winch 

mouse trap 

garage door closing 

a 3 hole punch

ice dispenser

candy machine


hitting a tennis ball

hitting a tennis net with a racket

nail gun



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