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Liberal incumbent Delorey challenged by MacGillivray, Mattie, Smyth in Antigonish

The NDP candidate in Antigonish says residents have been receptive to her party's ideas for economic growth.

Moraig MacGillivray is one of four candidates running in the riding in Tuesday's provincial election.

She's joined by Atlantica Party candidate Ryan Smyth, Liberal incumbent Randy Delorey and PC candidate Ray Mattie.

MacGillivray tells The Hawk she's gotten a good response at doorsteps.

"People are pretty open to the message that this is the time to make these investments, and they're pretty open to the message of doing it through deficit spending rather than raising taxes," she says, "because when you increase spending you do have to find the money for it somewhere, and with the low interest rate, this is the time to do it."

MacGillivray says health care, education and roads are the most frequent concerns she hears from residents.

The Liberal incumbent for Antigonish says his government's budgets have been in line with residents' priorities.

Delorey won his seat in the 2013 election; he was appointed finance minister two years later.

He tells The Hawk that he's heard residents' concerns on the campaign trail, and he intends to address them in the budget.

"Those areas, like health care, education, they really dominate the provincial budget each and every year because those are the priorities of Nova Scotians," he says, "and they're very important programs and services, and that's what we hope to invest in if we form government again."

Delorey says he's hoping for a higher voter turnout than in 2013, when 59 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots province-wide.

The Atlantica candidate for Antigonish says he thinks his party has strategies in place to kick-start the province's economy.

Smyth is one of just 15 Atlantica candidates running across the province's 51 ridings.

He tells The Hawk that he believes the province needs to be more business-friendly.

"What we want to do is get those lower taxes, make Nova Scotia competitive," he says, "so when businesses say, 'Hey, we need to set up shop somewhere. Where should we go?', they look around and say, 'Oh, Nova Scotia!'"

Smyth also says he wants to put an end to secret voting in the Legislature.

The PC candidate in Antigonish says he's hearing a variety of concerns from residents as he canvasses his riding.

Mattie is a Monastery native, and a musician and entrepreneur by trade.

He tells The Hawk that people are bringing forth a range of issues when he knocks on doors.

"If you're talking to seniors, actually the most frequent one is the cost of prescription drugs, and if you're talking to students, it is actually the issue of bringing our tuition down to the national average," he says. "Middle-aged families that have children, their concerns are obviously help with child care."

All three major parties have won the Antigonish riding in the past three provincial elections.


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