Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Roads, health care, connectivity among key issues in Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie

The New Democrat candidate for Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie says she thinks many people in the riding are not seeing results for the taxes they pay.

Marney Simmons is running against Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines and PC candidate Rob Wolf.

She has previously served as the mayor of Mulgrave.

Simmons tells The Hawk she doesn't think residents' tax dollars are going far enough.

"For so many years, taxpayers have been paying into provincial coffers, especially in small towns and villages and coastal communities," she says, "and nothing ever seems to come back to them, in the way of roads or true high-speed internet service, or even cell phone service."

Simmons has previously said she would do everything she could to save Mulgrave Memorial Education Centre if elected.

Wolf, like Simmons, says the communication "dead zones" in the riding have to be dealt with.

The PC candidate says many older people he's spoken with in the riding are concerned about health care.

Wolf tells The Hawk that high-speed internet coverage, and other connectivity issues, also need to be addressed.

"We're certainly not where we need to be, but I would also include in that the concern over cell service and radio coverage for first responders," he says. "There are still areas, huge areas, in this constituency that don't have access to those, and in 2017, that's got to be something that we have to do something about, and do it very quickly."

Wolf says he started campaigning in early April.

Hines says people in his riding are concerned about the state of roads.

The Liberal incumbent was first elected as an MLA in 2013.

The riding in play is the largest by area in the province; it covers over 5,200 square kilometres.

Hines tells The Hawk that means there are a lot of roads that need attention.

"We have over 1,500 kilometres of roads, and many of these are country roads, secondary roads, and roads that are in dire need of repair," he says, "so roads have been a constant topic on peoples' minds."

Hines says access to health care is also a major issue, given that there are four community hospitals and St. Martha's Regional Hospital serving the riding.


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