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Hawk Birthdays

Happy 65th Birthday to Loretta MacIntosh of antigonish Love your favourite child sheena, and love from Trevor, delilah, and Fiona!
Aug 18, 2018
Happy 64th Birthday Pauline Richard of Arichat love Clifford, Alfred, Omer, Lucyann and Angele, grandkids Abby, Noah, Owen, Ava,  family and friends
Aug 18, 2018
Happy 50th birthday to Tony Fougere From family and friends! Happy 8 Birthday to Brady George of Peasbrook from Mommy, Daddy, JayR, Callie, Amelia, Eddy, Hayley, Easten, Nanny, and Gerald. Happy 23rd anniversary to wade and Marlene Carter, Havendale. From Makayla and Brandon.
Aug 18, 2018
Happy birthday to Angus D MacDonald & grandson Isaac Prince
Aug 15, 2018
Taylor Tade MacLellan have a great birthday from the boys Mason, Ollie, Willy!
Aug 09, 2018
Catherine Beesen, Blues Mills, happy birthday wishes from the Eggenberger's in Malagawatch and Blues Mills
Aug 06, 2018
Angela Usher-Eggenberger from Malagawatch, happy 27th from mom,dad Justin, Matthew , Silvan and all the fury friends
Aug 02, 2018
Wishing to Ashley Green of Cloverville Road, on her 24th Birthday. Love Greg,Bo,Mom,Dad and many family & Friends
Jul 30, 2018
Evan O'Brien Happy 10th birthday love  Mom,dad,Breagh,Parker and Stephanie Happy 3rd Birthday to Fiona sampson of havre boucher, love mama, daddy, delilah
Jul 24, 2018
christy oakley happy birthday from mom and friends and staff friends
Jul 23, 2018

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